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Tour to Baikal lake with Baikalex.  This Baikal travel and tour guide, featuring travel service, maps, photos, tours, attractions and more, will help you plan a successful trip to lake Baikal, Siberia.

We are glad to help you to arrange vacation and to get profitable information for you. Be supported and feel safe, stay independent and explore Baikal reality.  Any place, all seasons, different opportunities - any time.
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Winter Tours to Lake Baikal   2023-2024
Lake Baikal winter tours by jeep ... Tour to Baikal Lake
3-4 day ice adventure by russian military jeeps to one of the biggest island of Baikal lake - Olkhon. Transparent black ice, blue hummocks, icy caves and bubbles at the remote territory of frozen lake Baikal.

Circumbaikal Railway Tour
Lake Baikal tour
Baikal Circumbaikal railway tour
1 day tour to Circumbaikal Railway. The tour runs on every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a 10-hour relaxing journey along the glorious railway, above & through the rocky shores of Baikal.

Siberian Adrenaline Rush: November - March
Lake Baikal tour
Snowmobile adventure tours in Baikal lake
.. Active winter adventure by snowmobiles through Siberian backwoods to the endless fields of Baikal transparent ice. Extreme feelings, purple sun, fresh air and speed - the experience you'll never forget!

Dog-Sledding Tours: November - March
Dog sledding adventure tours in lake Baikal ... Tours to baikal lake
Siberian dog-sledding adventure deep in taiga. Baikal dog sledding trips as a winter adventure activity during the sightseeing tour to Listvyanka village. Duration: from 1 hour trip to 1-2 days travel.

Tours to Siberian Shaman: November - May
Tour to lake Baikal - visit to shaman .. Siberian shaman tour in Baikal
The trip to Siberian village to visit a Buryat shaman, for a rare cultural encounter. Observe ceremonial excerpts from Buryat shamanistic practice, listen to Buryat songs and history. Shamanistic customs.

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Baikal Ice Diving & Ice Diving Tours
Baikal dives - Scuba diving tours in baikal ... Baikal lake tour
Baikal Ice Dives: Looking for extreme diving? You've found it. The Siberian lake Baikal Ice Diving allows you to test the limits of fun. Baikal's remarkable underwater visibility guarantees an incomparable diving experience.

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